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We are a local tree care company and serving tree trimming in Lubbock TX for the last decade.

We care about green and trees! And everyone cares and loves green and trees in their yard. We want to help people to make the earth greener. We always listen to what our customer says. We have highly skilled climbers with years of experience. We also follow the guidelines set by TCIA and ISA in Tree Trimming services in Lubbock. If you’re in the Lubbock area and you need tree care services in Lubbock, we would love to work with you – request your free estimate today!

Tree care service lubbock tx

Tree Trimming in Lubbock

It is important to do tree trimming in the Lubbock area for overall tree care and the long-term health of your tree. Our dedicated tree surgeons are specialists at detecting the pruning needs of any tree.

Trees are an asset that you can’t determine the price. It’s also a long-term investment. And it is also important to take proper care of them. To ensure the trees stay healthy, flourish in their urban environment, and add value to your property for years to come, you need some thoughts about hiring a professional. Regular tree trimming allows us to help you do just that, all while helping to avoid potential issues down the road.

Why tree trimming is important?

Tree Appearance

Trees that are not frequently trimmed may grow to appear unbalanced and distorted. Branches can fend off in odd directions, and this irregular growth can make your trees seem bedraggled. Trimming resembles a much-needed haircut that enriches the tree’s natural form. Thinning limbs out and cutting back unwieldy branches is advantageous as it enhances the tree’s look. Trimming is especially vital for those trees you planted to raise the appeal of your house.

Landscape Aesthetics

Whenever you don’t frequently trim trees, then the esthetics of your landscape may be impacted. Tightly packed branches could obstruct sunlight and protect against rain from hitting the flowers and plants growing under trees, hindering their development. Normal tree trimming can make sure that sufficient sunlight and moisture gain through the branches. Additionally, trimming may improve your landscape’s presence by removing limbs which block the view of a pond, valley or other landscape.

Tree Health

Trees can become weaker and will be less likely to survive without proper trimming. Overgrowth harmfully affects the health of a tree.  Pruning is often referred as the trimming for tree health and it involves eliminating branches that are diseased, infested or interfering with healthy growth. So, a regular trimming of the trees keeps strong, creates a healthier structure and reduces the need for future corrective pruning.

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