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Lawn care lubbock tx

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable lawn care service to take of lawn, Lubbockscape can be your first choice. We provide residential lawn maintenance along with commercial lawn care in Lubbock Tx and its surrounding areas. We have expert lawn care specialist who will work with you and ensure you that your lawn is being cared for to the highest standards. You will meet every needs and ideas of yours. Our team will provide you everything from lawn fertilization to basic weed control in Lubbock Tx.


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Lawn service lubbock

Lubbock lawn mowing service

At Lubbockscape, we provide professional and affordable lawn care services to residential and commercial customers. We offer a variety of services such as mowing, edging, mulching, and more. We are dedicated to providing quality services and strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Lawn Mowing

We know from experience; it can be time consuming as well as exhausting to mowing your yard a couple times in a week. Instead, let Lubbockscape take care of your yard and help you to maintain a lovely lawn. We will design a flexible law-mowing schedule based on your preferences along with your lawn’s needs; well, it is to mention that to get the preferred schedule book an appointment before the summer start! We will execute the plan throughout the summer months. And if you need to add maintenance, your schedule is always flexible.

lawn service lubbock
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Lawn edging creates a clean, crisp edge between your lawn and flower beds, driveways and sidewalks. It provides your lawn with a neat, manicured appearance and makes mowing and trimming easier. Our lawn edging services in Lubbock, TX are designed to save you time and money. We use high-quality, durable edging materials that will last for years with proper care. Our edging experts have the knowledge and experience to create beautiful, long-lasting edges for your lawn. 

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Fertilizing Plans

Just like our mowing strategies, fertilizing plans are custom designed for your lawn.

We’ll apply unique fertilizers depending on the amount of sun your lawn receives so that it gets the best opportunity to develop strong and healthy. For instances, to retain grubs at bay, or broadleaf weed control to tone down those pesky dandelions and broadleaves, we might add insect control fertilizers. Our state-certified applicators have considerable knowhow and encourage professional and friendly connections.


Some of homeowners have inclination to skip out an aeration which is so important for having a healthy lawn. Aeration arouses new root growth and also helps to mature a strong root system. This helps to tolerate the stress.

Due to sandy mud soil type which is disposed to to compaction, Lawn aeration in Lubbock Tx is important for every homeowner. This can make it difficult for oxygen, water, and nutrients to get to where they are needed. Contact us as early as possible and we’ll clarify more about aerating lawns in Lubbock so that you can understand more about this essential service,

Homeowners have a tendency to skip out on aeration, but it’s so necessary to a healthy lawn! Deep core aeration stimulates new root growth and helps develop a strong root system that can tolerate the stress of our crazy Iowa seasons. Frigid winters and scorching summers can devastate your lawn to the point of no return, but late summer aeration is a reliable defense.


Don’t worry about the dead or thin areas of your lawn. Lubbockscape can help you to bring back to life by overseeding the dead or thin areas. Overseeding means dispersal extra grass over your present lawn to create a fuller appearance.

Lubbockscape can help bring dead or thin areas of your lawn back to life by overseeding them. Overseeding refers to spreading additional grass seed over your existing lawn to create a fuller appearance. Patches under trees and shrubs are susceptible to thinning, but the good news is that those spots have the potential to look as good as new!

lawn overseeding lubbock tx
lawn treatment lubbock tx

Lawn Treatment

At Lubbockscape, we understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy lawn in Lubbock’s unique climate. That’s why we offer expert lawn care services designed to revive your tired turf and keep it looking its best year-round. Our tailored approach ensures your lawn receives the specific care it needs to thrive.


Brief list of FAQs

What time of year do you start servicing lawns?

It is based on the weather. We are going to begin our lawn maintenance season in Lubbock when the snow has melted and the temperature allows, normally in March. Call us today if you want your yard serviced by a specific date to prepare for an early graduation party or a birthday celebration.

Do I need professional lawn care Lubbock?

Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you have found any problem with your lawn. But it is difficult to diagnose the problem and fixing it can be even more difficult.  Our one-decade experience in Lawn mowing Lubbock may help you to diagnose easily, treat, and nurse your lawn back to optimal health. 

When can I let my children and pets on the lawn after it’s been fertilized?

We always recommend staying off the lawn from any pets and people for at least 24 hours. It is difficult with pets as they often run around in the garden. The chemicals in fertilizer can upset their stomach if they ingest it. 

Do you bag lawn clippings during mowing?

We don’t. It is helpful for the clippings to come back to the yard and add organic matter into the ground. It can definitely affect the health of your yard. If your yard is very lengthy, we can bag some of the clippings for aesthetic functions.

Are the products you use on my lawn safe?

Absolutely. Everything we use is being analyzed for both efficiency and safety. We only use products in your yard that we hope to work with on our lawn. Nevertheless, all fertilizer products can lead to irritation if they come in contact with the skin or upset stomach if ingested but allow them to soak in the dirt, and within 24 hours that your yard will probably be just as secure as previously.

How should I prepare my property for its first service?

Keep your pets inside your home on the days we are out to service your lawn. Also, you can help by making sure the gates to your yard are unlocked. 

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