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You always want a Lubbock landscaping company that will transform your yard into a space you are pleased to show your friends and family. Since 2010, Lubbockscape, one of the best Lubbock Landscaping companies, has used expertise in the business to fulfill what customer wants.  We offer comprehensive landscaping solutions in Lubbock Tx, from unique and functional hardscape to easy sod installation and regular lawn maintenance in Lubbock TX.

Our staff is comprised of professionals that are devoted to displaying quality workmanship in every job we do.

Lubbock Landscaping Services
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Your Trusted Lubbock Landscaping Company

If you’re in need of trustworthy landscape company that you can rely on, look no further than Lubbockscape. We specialize in all aspects of landscape design and installation, so you can be sure that your project will turn out exactly the way you envisioned it. Plus, our team is experienced and knowledgeable, so they’ll be able to help you find the right solution for your specific needs. 

Landscaping in Lubbock TX

Lubbockscape is an expert and local landscape maintenance company that gives weekly, year-round solutions to improve the high quality, appearance, and wellness of your yard. We’re not your average Joe Pickup or a corporate kind that’s also large to care about small details.

Our team believes the details are everything– and so is feedback time. You’ll see our tidy, good-looking vehicles around the community and also our skilled crews taking care of the best yards in Lubbock Tx. Should not we get on your home, as well?

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Our Landscaping Services in Lubbock Tx

General Bed Maintenance

Lubbockscape’s gardening bed maintenance services in Lubbock are one of the best ways to give your property a professional touch. Healthy, fragrant blossoms will add to the enjoyment and allure of your home in the spring and summer. You may already have beautiful flowers, but garden maintenance is sometimes more difficult than it appears.


Lubbockscape has been offering professional hedge trimming and shrub pruning services to a wide range of commercial and residential clients in Lubbock, Texas. We understand how vital it is for you to have a clean and well-kept property.

We specialize in all forms of hedge and shrub trimming and pruning, and we know when the best time is to do it.

Spring/Fall Clean-Up

A more thorough cleaning that includes general bed maintenance as well as perennial and grass dividing, bed edging, mulch raking, and seasonal perennial trim down. These services are similar to “deep cleaning” the landscape once or twice a year. Lubbockscape’s landscaping services may be the best possible solution for the landscaping problem in Lubbock Tx.

Artificial Turf Installation

Lubbockscape provides the most advanced artificial grass technology available in Lubbock, Texas. Our synthetic turf options provide a long-term solution to water limits, shade difficulties, and the need for pesticides and fertilizers, as well as year-round maintenance.

We install high-quality artificial turf that appears genuine and stays green all year for homeowners and businesses in the Lubbock area. 

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Lawn Mower Professionals of Lubbock Tx has actually been supplying yard services to our neighborhood for a year. We bring our lawn mowing market experience to our valued customers, guaranteeing only the outstanding services they prefer as well as have involved anticipating.

We deliver thorough, top-notch, constant business lawn services in Lubbock you can count on. We are passionate regarding our work and also it beams via in our phenomenal client treatment.

Talk to us concerning your grass needs and also we promise you an impressive task from beginning to finish. Our company believes that every little thing starts with paying attention to what our clients desire. 

At Lubbockscape, our company believes trees are treasures– we trust you feel the exact same. With over 12 years of specialist landscape experience, our team has the knowledge to aid your trees to live a long, healthy life.

If you are looking for total expert tree trimming in Lubbock, you can depend on us to provide nothing but the best. Our team of specialists has years of mixed experience as well as utilizes only the current technology and tools, to guarantee the health as well as the long life of the trees on your building.

We give tree care services for residential properties, commercial & governmental residential properties, towns, shopping centers, institutions, and all other companies.

Lubbock Tree Removal
Lubbock landscaping
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Lawn Service & Maintaince

Maintain a healthy and green lawn with Lubbockscape.

Tree Removal & Trimming

Keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year long.

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Let us now emphasize the main benefits that customers will get from our Lubbock Landscaping company.

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We are committed to our customers and always meet the deadline.

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Our team is experienced, skilled and expert in landscaping.

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Don't worry about the waste, we always follow the process & maintain the cleanliness

Proper Take Care

We are proud to take care your garden and yard; its our job to do it properly.

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What Our Clients Say

Let real testimonials do the speaking!

If you are looking for some awesome, expert landscaper in Lubbock to work with, I highly recommend Lubbockscape. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them. They are best landscaping Lubbock Company.
Nadine Berger
Fashion Designer
I first heard the name of Lubbockscape from my friend. He took their lawn maintenance service in Lubbock. I called them to take tree services. They are awesome.
Pascal Haas
I love to work with them. Lubbockscape is one of the best landscaping companies in Lubbock. I have done my regular lawn maintenance with this company. They know how to do their job.
Robert Berger
Lubbockscape is certainly one of the top lubbock landscaping company. They take good care of my garden and it is getting beautiful every day.
Carmen Haas

Landscape Maintenance Lubbock

A beautiful and good-looking landscape not only makes you aesthetically pleasing but also increases the valuation of your property. Regular maintenance of your landscape keeps the garden looking bright and fresh and due to this, it is important to maintain their property no matter what month of the year it is.

Here, we will give you some tips from our expert landscapers to follow when it comes to landscape maintenance in Lubbock Tx and surrounding areas.

Commercial Landscaping Lubbock

Why Landscaping in Lubbock is Important?

Keep Your Lawn Clean

This might be a cream puff, but we are mentioning it at the very beginning as many homeowners have a habit of forgetting to keep their lawns clean. You may start cleaning your lawn during the start of each season so that you welcome the spring, summer, winter, or with a solid lawn.

Plant, Plant, Plant!

Make sure you are planning to plant a couple of flowers and seeds in the early spring. In the time, the weather is ideal for planting. According to studies and experience, flowers, trees, and shrubs usually thrive during the spring season. So, go ahead and work on your planting a lot.

Hold on! You wait until the colder season when it comes to plants that demand more care. It will help the plants to grow without any problem. You may add some soil conditioner or starter fertilizer to your untied soil during the colder season as well as in the spring. And after planting everything, not forget about mulching the beds that are around the base of your trees.

 Control Rather Than Eliminate

You may eradicate your hassle by controlling if you are talking about weed. Control the weeds before they grow will help you a lot as you don’t have to get rid of them over and over again. You should get a pre-emergent applicator to apply to the landscape beds and your lawn to control the growth of weeds.

Landscaping design in lubbock

Landscape Design Lubbock

Our World is beautiful, right? Everyone may agree that Art and imagination are what make this place wonderful to live in. Life might still go on without it, yet it would definitely be boring and also boring. This truth can be put on every little thing– including your gardens.

Your yard is what brings freshness and also elegance to your home. It is additionally what attaches you to nature. Thus, it’s important to make certain that it’s well taken care of. A professional landscape designer in Lubbock may help you with a creative mind and makes a beautiful design for your garden.

Beautiful Landscape Design In Lubbock

Make your house extra livable

Most of us want to live in a house that’s conducive to living. A home that’s relaxing, comfy, and also relaxing is every person’s dream, as well as landscape development can aid you to meet that. Contrast a lawn that’s surrounded by tall weeds to a landscaped yard. Wouldn’t it be better to have the latter? That’s what landscape development is everything about. It allows you to feel that you’re in your own house and also have full control of it.

Feel the outdoors

Homes may be developed to protect us from the outdoors. But if that’s their only use, after that there’s no doubt we’re likely to feel constrained with them with time. Yes, its main purpose is to place us under a roof and also maintain us risk-free from the elements, yet we’ve obtained an option to feel the mild wind as well as sunlight in our backyards. After all, is it our home?

Get your quote from the best landscape designer in Lubbock Tx and get your outdoor concrete floor coated. You can likewise place a bench, or put a table in it. This provides you an area where you can take pleasure in the beauty of nature As well as it’s not the experience, but, it also makes you much healthier because you can breathe fresh air anytime you desire.

Connect with nature

Be living in the modern age, where whatever’s bordered by buildings, computer systems, and also who-knows-what. Staying in a cosmopolitan forest could be amazing, but it gradually permeates away your power. So why not connect with nature? You can do that by designing your landscape.

At the end of the day, all you need is to maintain the all-natural feel in your home. Seeing something eco-friendly as well as having it all set up in an enticing way aids you cope up with the daily hustle-and-bustle of metropolitan living. You can drop your tension by just looking at a polished garden. That’s evidence of exactly how landscape designing can influence you!

Boost your home’s aesthetic appeals and also visual appearance This is the main reason that landscaping is a need for every single home. A house that’s just surrounded by manmade materials is an incomplete home. You must have a touch of nature in your house to include elegance as well as quality to it. It has to do with being one with nature where you can maximize your convenience as well as relaxation, which’s what landscape development does.

Commercial Landscape Lubbock

tree care lubbock

Our Professional landscape offers everything about landscaping, from landscape design to excellent lawn maintenance. The appearance of your landscaping makes an influence before soon-to-be customers ever get to your door.

As we are in commercial Lubbock landscaping services, we have come the most reliable commercial Lubbock landscaping company for the last ten years. Our professional commercial landscapers can help make a beautiful landscape design you will be impressed with.

We can make recommendations for the maintenance of your current landscaping if you already have a design in place. As we provide comprehensive landscaping in Lubbock Tx, we handle everything from design to ongoing maintenance.

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Lubbockscape is a well-known commercial landscape service provider in Lubbock Tx. We are serving the local community of Lubbock to transform commercial property landscaping. Our commercial landscaping maintenance produces a beautiful atmosphere that customers love and appreciate.

  • Apartment complex
  • Office building
  • Multi-family community
  • Homeowners’ association
  • Retail center
  • Church
  • School
  • Retirement center
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Questions & Answers About Landscaping Lubbock

We distinguish ourselves from other firms by our employees in the landscaping industry. We employ professionals with horticultural instruction and expertise. We create, train, and spend in them that they will be good at meeting customers’ needs. In a company determined by the support our people really make the difference.

Clients tell us that the reason they selected us from their previous contractor is that we provide a greater quality of merchandise, services, and endurance. They picked our company because of the exceptional reputation we’ve got in the business.

If your present landscape company is fulfilling your every need and you are thoroughly satisfied, then perhaps you shouldn’t change. If, however, you are interested in speaking with us about how we could add value to the property and improve it, give us a call.

We will be more than happy to serve you, just call us or shoot an email or simply fill up the contact us form.

Most landscape organizations can provide you with a bid for solutions. We take the time to understand your needs and requirements and then if we are confident that we’re the right company for you, we’ll provide the most exhaustive quote for the review.

It depends upon your premises and your own unique requirements. We consider more time determining a realistic cost for service levels which meet your expectations for quality and client services. We do not need to provide you with services that aren’t needed, nor do we want to exclude services which are needed by your landscape.

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So, you’ve decided now is the time to decorate your outdoor area, but where would you get started? We’ve got a thorough procedure we follow here in Lubbockscape for many new customers. Our intention is to communicate clearly with you and supply you with as much info as possible that you make your pick. When you reach to Lubbockscape, here is what to expect:

1. Call or Message to us

It all starts with a simple phone call or message!

2. We Will Call You Back

After getting your contact info, our communication department will call you for details.

3. Consultation Meeting

A member of our team will either come to your property or you can come to visit us at our office.

4. Site Survey

Our team will start working using the information you have given to us.

5. Proposal and Plan Meeting

Keeping the budget in mind, we will carefully prepare a quote for you.

6. Final Review & Signed Contract

Once you are pleased with our proposal and plan, you can sign the contract and book a schedule!

7. Installation

You will meet the foreman of your project and any questions or concerns can be brought directly to him

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