6 Easy Steps to Turn Your Yard Into a Smart Home

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You’ve seen them. The home with a yard is always green and looks like it came straight out of the pages of a magazine. You may have even gone to their house for dinner or drinks and thought to yourself “I wish my lawn looked as good as theirs!” But what if I told you that you can take your lawn from drab to fab in 6 easy steps? Get the expert’s tips from the best landscaping Lubbock Tx here in this article.

Step One: Create a Smart Lawn

  • Install a smart irrigation system to keep your lawn green and lush year-round.
  • Add a sensor to your irrigation system so that it knows when rain is in the forecast and won’t water the lawn then.

Step Two: Add an Outdoor Security System

  • For ensuring the highest security, make sure to use integrated floodlights, motion sensors, noise detection alarms, or any combination of these devices.
  • Invest in solar-powered alarms can be excellent an idea. According to various research and real case studies, it will reduce your monthly electric bill in the long run.

Step Three: Plant Shade Trees for Privacy

  • If you have a large lawn that extends down the street, don’t forget to add at least one shade tree next to the front of the house. You may also consider this if the lawn is by any windows where there is an unobstructed view into your home. This will help you to keep privacy as well as insulation from outside noise. Another benefit you will get in summer, it will give you protection from the harsh summer sun in the central yard area. 
  • Make sure to plant trees up high enough so that they don’t interfere with power lines coming in or out of your property on either side of them!

Step Four: Add Digital Lighting Around Your Lawn & Garden Area (Optional)

Digital lighting is the perfect way to create a “smart” yard because it is controllable and easy on your electricity bill. If you decide to have digital lighting installed in your garden area, make sure they are timed so that they turn off after dark when no one will be outside enjoying them!

Step Five: Identify Problem Areas With Plants That Need Pruning

  • Prune out any diseased plants or weeds from around the edge of your lawn, and trim back overgrown bushes. You may go through our article about winter weeds here.
  • The Garden can also get some pruning. But you should do this during the winter months. It will help you to avoid injuring new growth before its starts blooming next spring. 
    Tip: Remove any fallen leaves from around the plants to make a clean area for children or pets.
  • If you have any diseased plant in your garden, it will spread quickly and become very hard to get rid of! Be sure to immediately remove and discard those that show signs of disease.
  • Be careful not to leave stubs behind when trimming bushes back during the winter months. These can scar the bush over time due to their lack of protection naturally when outside.

Step Six: Hire Professionals For Lawn Care Services

Do we want our readers to know how important is hiring professional lawn care services? So we are going to write about this topic next paragraph. You should always hire professionals because they know what they’re doing and don’t need supervision unlike with lawn care DIY.

  • The pros will also come when scheduled and arrive promptly at these designated times – which saves time too!. The pros will do a thorough inspection and then get to work on what you need to be done! 
  • They can also be booked for regular visits, which is another advantage of hiring someone.

How to find The Best Pro?

There are a variety of professional services to choose from, so it’s about finding the right one for you! You can find residential or commercial landscaping companies that offer specific types of services like weed control, pest management or edging, and trimming. Ask around your friends or neighbors if there is anyone who has used them before to see how satisfied they were with the work done on their property. Check reviews online as well to ensure this company is respectable in its field.  

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